Salt and Sugar Analysis
South Louisiana is often described as the "sweetest and saltiest place in the world."  Located in the heart of Louisiana's salt and sugar industries, hoh-PAK Analytical Laboratory (a division of hoh-PAK Laboratory, Inc.) performs analyses for clients both local and distant.

Salt Analysis

Between hoh-PAK founder Robert DeKeyzer and Analytical Laboratory Director David Lowry, hoh-PAK has over 50 years of experience in salt analysis, quality control, laboratory management and production. 

Our services to the salt industry include analyses such as:

- Purity for evaporated, solar, and rock salt, in accordance with ASTM methods;
- Metals by AA:
- USP analysis as per specifications;
- YPS;
- Potassium Iodide;
- Complaint investigations;
- Contract lab work on your site.

Sugar Analysis

Our services to the sugar industry include analyses such as:

- Dextran;
- Pol;
- Ash;
- Grain size;
- Color;
- Moisture.

Our laboratory supplies division, hoh-PAK Ltd., serves mills and core labs throughout the world with laboratory supplies and equipment.  In addition, we market an introductory training video for core labs, available in English and in Spanish.

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