Nutrients and Test Kits

We offer nutrients for wastewater treatment as well as test kits for water and wastewater.


NutriBac is a balanced food/nutrient supplement for bacterial growth in industrial wastewaters.  Wastewater from wash racks, laundromats and other industrial cleaning systems normally do not have sufficient food or nutrients to maintain bacterial growth.

This product is packaged in an 1,000 gram container.  Each container has four 250 gram water soluble packs (each pack will dissolve about 2 to 3 minutes after addition).  Add one pack per week to give your bacteria muscle!

Test Kits

We stock test kits for dissolved oxygen, pH, and chlorine. We also carry a Coliform P/A test kit which easily indicates the presence or absence of coliform bacteria in offshore or other drinking water supplies.  Contact us for more information on any of these products or for a quotation.

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