Filters & Glassware

We have various types of filter paper, both qualitative and quantitative.  Contact us with your specific needs; the following listing is only a partial list of what we carry!

I. Filters

A. Qualitative Filter Paper for corelab

  1. Grade 1591, Circles, 18.5 and 20 cm

  2. Grade 962, Circles, 20 cm

B. Membrane Filters, Cellulose Nitrate

   1. Plain white, 0.45 micron, 47 mm, 100 count, #A045A047A

   2. Grided, white, 0.45 micron, 47 mm, 100 count, #A045B047A

   3. Grided, white, 0.45 micron, 47 mm, 200 count, sterile, individually wrapped, #A045H047A

C. Support Pads, Cellulose, 47 mm, 100 count, sterile, #B200G047A

D. Glass fiber prefilters, without binder, 100 count, 1.2 micron rating, 25 mm diameter, Catalog #GC5025 mm. Other diameters are available.

Beakers, funnels, flasks, pipettes...we carry all types of laboratory glassware.  Here is a partial listing.

200 ml Kohlrausch



II. Glassware

A. Flask, Kohlrausch: Glass, Class A

1.  100 ml;  Catalog number:  LG8192-101

2.  200 ml (shown at right);  Catalog number: LG8192-102


8 oz. beaker


B. Beaker-Tumbler: Heavy wall glass, 8 oz., Catalog # V644

flint glass funnel

C. Funnels

1. Heavy-molded flint glass, inside ribbed, no stem, 8 oz., Catalog # V698-2


polymethylpentane funnel

2. Molded of clear polymethylpentane, top diameter 100 mm, Catalog # 10-371-1B

We have many other filters and glassware available.

Please contact us with your needs!

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