hoh-PAK Laboratory: A Standard of Excellence

hoh-PAK Laboratory, Inc., is an analytical and LDEQ-certified environmental laboratory.  Located in New Iberia, Louisiana, hoh-PAK can serve laboratory and testing needs with the benefit of over 80 years of combined professional laboratory experience.  This family business has consistently been acknowledged for its dependable service in wastewater, environmental, salt and sugar testing.

Prompt Results

hoh-PAK Lab is known for delivering prompt, reliable results.  We pride ourselves on a rapid turnaround time that still allows the testing time required by DEQ protocol.  Not only will we deliver your results to you, but we'll also provide certificates of analyses to any other third party you may designate.  We can also provide the completion of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR's).  We submit the reports to you, ready for signature and mailing.

DEQ Certified

hoh-PAK Lab takes quality assurance to the highest standard.  Our participation in EPA's proficiency testing and in DEQ's certification program underscore our commitment to accuracy and excellence.  Our own self-imposed standards include internal checks and balances to ensure that your data is delivered accurately as well as promptly.  (LELAP Certificate # 01962)

Our Overview of Your LPDES Permit and DMRs

If you operate under a LPDES permit, you - or someone in your office - may have questions about the paperwork involved with your wastewater.  We have a simple introductory guide that covers the most commonly asked questions about analyses, permits, and DMRs.  Call or email Brenda Lowry for your free copy.

Reliable...dependable...A standard of excellence since 1979.

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